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The Ridiculatron 2000 and other Disrupted Devices
Circuit Bending with Jeff Boynton

September 30 through October 27

Acorn Gallery — 135 N. Avenue 50, Highland Park

Solo performance by Jeff Boyton at NELAart’s Second Saturday, October 14, 6 to 10 pm, show at 8 pm

Free Circuit Bending workshop Saturday, October 21, 1 pm Bring a battery operated toy or other sound making device and learn how to disrupt it’s innards and make cool music.

“The Ridiculatron 2000” showcases Jeff Boynton, the bandleader of the “The Highland Park Thursday Evening Gentlemen’s Society Circuit Bending Marching Band and Ladies Auxiliary,” and a classically trained musician with a penchant for the experimental. The show features photos of the wacky world of circuit bending, Jeff’s instruments with technical notes and sketches, hands-on activities, and 2 performances.

Circuit bending is the art of opening up electronic sound devices and intentionally short-circuiting them in search of interesting and never-before-heard sounds. Such devices can range from cheap kids’ toys to sophisticated keyboard instruments. The signs of a burgeoning Bending community are everywhere. New York has hosted the annual Bent Festival since 2004. Benders are putting out their own CD’s like the recently released compilation Noise and Toys Volume 1. Here in northeast LA, you may have seen our very own maestros march in several local parades.

As Laura Hauther said in a recent LA Alternative Magazine: “When this motley group of strange-looking, strange-sounding and very loud benders starts marching, the reaction is mixed – generally, children love it and their parents are confused.”


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