AAC at Ave 50 Studio: Reoccurring Dreams

Rebecca Nabarrete

Reoccuring Dreams

September 12, 2020 – October 17, 2020

It’s Time To Leave Your Addictions Behind And Face The Ugly Truth You’ve Been Running From, – Rebecca Nabarrete

Open by appointment only

‘Reoccurring Dreams’ is a visual representation of a psychological map which is translated and interpreted into a topographical format, where life begins, a source of pervasive emotional distress occurs and we are given a choice whether to heal in a healthy way, or choose to never face and heal demons. Repeated images of the choice to be above or under water represent the role the subconscious plays in healing trauma, often creating actions which are not fully acknowledged, which is a common theme in the artist’s work.

Nabarrete says “My work is collage-like imagery painted on found paper, which is enlarged and informs the narrative. Often occupying the composition is an unnatural juxtaposition, inviting the viewer to psychologise it. At its core, my work questions whether humans are just as instinctual as animals in their behavior, specifically through trauma reenactment and dysfunctional behavior. The humanization of animals invites the viewer to self-reflect, define and perhaps redefine how self-aware they are”.

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Avenue 50 Studio
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