AAC at Avenue 50: Jeanie, Wesley, and Donald Frias

Jeanie Frias_Eaves
Jeanie Frias, Eaves

May 13 – June 3, 2017

Long-time El Sereno residents, Jeanie, Wesley, and Donald explore their environment through photography, but each presents a different use of the camera, view of the city, and final presentation.

Jeanie photographs the eaves of houses in her East L.A. and NELA neighborhoods. The application of gold leaf to the background, and a blackened window enhance the aesthetic and conceptual content. These works create an intimate portrait of home, but the blackened entryways, the lonely space, the flat gold-leafed skies question the idea of comfort, and raise the domestic from its normal place in the social hierarchy. We are invited to look, the gold leaf asking you to hold it as an icon, but are left wondering what is behind the facade.

Wesley Frias, Dusky Day Dreams
Wesley Frias, Dusky Day Dreams
Donald Frias, Wired In

 Wesley plays with light – natural and artificial – and silhouette to create powerful, and sometimes dream-filled images. His cityscapes are brief moments of gorgeously colored skies with quintessential L.A. silhouettes. In his studio work, colored lights become halos, wings, and creatures from another world. Wesley takes pride in the fact that his photos are finished when the shutter snaps, without editing in Photoshop or any other software.

Donald is most interested in environmental portraits. He often walks the city, engaging in conversation, developing trust with the people of our streets and time. His photos are the starting point for a deeper conversation with his subjects which allows the work to delve deeper than the typical candid street photograph. Donald’s photographs remain traditional in post editing which enforces the gap between photography and digital art. This presents a forceful contrast when combined with the unique and immersive 3-d printing process that invites the viewer to experience the work with more than just their eyes.