AAC at Avenue 50 Studio: The Gold Standard

Mark Verrillo

September 8, – October 6, 2018

Opening, Saturday September 8, 7 – 10 pm, part of NELA Second Saturday

Gold Standard, Mark Verrillo

The gold standard is a monetary system based on a fixed quantity of gold and abandoned after the Great Depression. Some wealthy libertarians desire a return to this system like the wealthy hedge fund Mercer family, a powerful force behind Steve Bannon and Breitbart and the Trump presidency. Of course this return would be of greatest benefit the most wealthy.

The Gold Standard is a series of paintings that are my commentary on several of the major issues dividing our country now. The unequal distribution of wealth, racial and religious divisions, class warfare, and the interference and collusion of foreign entities into American politics.

It also marks the return to my painting with oils for the first time in nearly 30 years. This return began with the controversial and still contested presidential election of 2016. I felt it was time for artists to make art and for me to find new meaning and message in my work.

Avenue 50 Studio

131 N Avenue 50

Los Angeles, CA 90042