AAC at Avenue 50: Michele Antenorcruz & Calaya Ampara Hudnut

Michele Antenorcruz-Bonkers
Michele Antenorcruz, Bonkers

June 10 – July 1, 2017
Opening Saturday, June 10, 7 – 10pm

The Art of Displacement by Michele Antenorcruz, Calaya Ampara Hudnut

This series focuses on displacement ranging from the personal (displacement of self) to modern-day living (urbanization, alienation, graduation) to the political (deportation, gentrification).  It coalesces with the ubiquitous feeling that we are all targets and tries to level the playing field by offering the pieces on a fairly wide sliding scale, reflecting disparity or displacement of income.

Calaya Ampara Hudnut_Swift
Calaya Ampara Hudnut, Swift