AAC at Avenue 50 Studio: In and Around NELA

Natalie Fratino

In and Around NELA

October 24 – November 27, 2020

Natalie Fratino

Open by appointment only

Fratino says “I had two agendas creating this body of work. First of all, I wanted to showcase little pieces of NELA. This work shows just ordinary life in our area with ordinary people and ordinary landscapes during these extraordinary times.

My second agenda is that I wanted to make affordable artwork. I’m a big believer in having original pieces in your home but I know that sometimes it is nearly impossible to justify spending big dollars when times are tough. Heck, even when times aren’t as tough, it’s difficult. All the pieces in this show are less than $200, with many being in the $150 price range. I hope that this helps bring color into homes and inspires others to share their work with those truly in need of beauty”.

Avenue 50 Studio is open by appointment only, every day of the week except Sunday.
To make an appointment, please call: 323/258-1435.


Avenue 50 Studio
131 N Avenue 50
Los Angeles, CA 90042