Arroyo Arts Collective Presents

Artapalooza! – Pop-Up Gallery 2023

Through May 14, 2023

5577 North Figueroa Street.

Highland Park , CA 90042

2:00pm – 8:00pm Wednesdays through Sundays


Northeast L.A.’s Arroyo Arts Collective (AAC), now in their fourth decade, takes over the mighty corner of Figueroa and Ave. 56 for Artapalooza!

The AAC invites you to experience an assembly of artists, ranging from emerging to well established, coming together at the historic Masonic Hall/Checkers Hall for an exhibit opening on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

At Artapalooza!, every inch of the space will be utilized in creative ways to display the works of art creating a memorable and lasting impression. Every detail of Artaplaooza! has been lovingly curated and crafted by the AAC crew who keep the Acorn brand alive and well through Arroyo Arts Collective programming.

As an Artapalooza! shopper, you get painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, and many other forms of artistic expression in a wide range of styles. Whether you are a savvy art collector looking for an edgy addition, a home owner looking for wall decor, a fashionista looking for cool jewelry, or a shopper looking for that one-of-a-kind gift: you will find it!

Artapalooza! Artists: Michael Anderson, Michael Arata, Michael Blasi, Isabella Bloomberg-Emmerich, Mandy Bom, Mary Clark Carmago, Claudio Campi, Mary Cheung, Fred Chuang, Shirley Chuang, Aleka Corwin, Karen Duckles, Gwen Freeman, Michael Frey, Godmother Salt, Erica Goebel, Carrie Gordon, Dolores Guerrero, Jen Halaka, Betty Wan Hamada, Cidne Hart, Yvonne Jongeling, Nathan Leos, Rocio Magadan, Joanne Chase Mattillo, Ruth De Nicola, Rebecca Nabarette, Frankie Nobili, M.A. Olivares, Victoria Ester Orantes, Robin Potash, Stuart Rapeport, Michael Reyes, Jared Schwartz, Roderick Smith, Winfred Taylor, Lisa Tomczeszyn, Oscar Vomit & Meraki, and Patricia Woodlin.

.Curated by Betty Wan Hamada, Lisa Tomczeszyn and Patricia Jessup-Woodlin

Opening Reception: Sat. April 8, 2023 from 5:00 to 8:00p.m.
Musical Performance: the World Premiere of Dickless Jane and The New Confusions, formerly The Dick and Jane Family Orchestra

April 12th, 4-6pm: Godmother’s Salt Pop-Up with Marita De LA Torre
April 14th, 4:45pm: Figure Drawintg with M.A. Olivares
April 19th, 4-6pm: Photomontage/Collage Workshop with Patricia Jessup-Woodlin
April 22nd, 8pm: Ed and Linda’s Trash Talk Poetry, featuring many special guests.
April 25th, 7pm: Skin Tag Comedy, featuring Elenor Bishop, Wyatt Fair, Cigi Farmer, Danny Sellers, Kristin Wallace and Ralph Waxman. Hosted by Skin Tag
April 28th, 4:45pm: Figure Drawing with M.A. Olivares
April 30th, 11:30am: Sound Bath-apalooza! with Mary Frances Spencer

Newly Added:
May 11th, 2-3:30pm: Photomontage / Collage workshop redux with Patricia Jessup-Woodlin
May 12th, 3:30 – 6pm: Figure Drawintg redux with M.A. Olivares
May 13th, 4-6pm: Ensemble Drawing Experience with Roderick Smith
May 14th, 2-8pm: Mommapalooza! Our tribute to all Mothers everywhere, featuring special libations and tapas from Marita De La Torre and Godmother Salt, A musical experience Soundscape, featuring Mona Jean Cedar & Jeff Boynton from 4:00-6:00pm,
and the last chance to buy art for Mom, with discounts galore!!!

Artapalooza! is made possible, in part, through the generous support of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. This programming is presented in partnership with Checker Hall/Lodge Room.