AAC at Avenue 50: Hellmouth

Hellmouth, organized by Leonard Greco

October 14 – November 4, 2017

Opening October 14, 7 – 10 pm, during NELA Second Saturday.

“Many a morning I awaken with a fiery knot in the pit of my stomach. It frequently feels we are living in dire times and I know many share my dread. That being the case I’ve invited a few friends to jump right into the Hellmouth and showcase works that explore the depths of existential angst. The results are poignant, beautifully charged and frequently quite amusing. Please join us on October 14th 2017 as we skewer the Hellmouth.

The artists I’ve invited are:
Jodi Bonassi
Jeanie Frias
Jeff Iorillo
Tom Lasley
Randi Matushevitz
Dakota Noot
Dania Strong
…and yours truly.

Upon receiving the submissions I’ve been struck with how the artists of Hellmouth are poets of the shadows, frequently committed to exploring the dark existential crevices of being. More sensible artists may resist this oracle’s call, but like Orpheus these seekers cannot resist that final backwards glance.”

Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N Ave 50, Los Angeles, CA  90042

AAC at Avenue 50: Natalie Fratino

Forward Motion – Painting Through Depression

Work by Natalie Fratino

September 9 – October 7, 2017

Opening Saturday Sept 9, 7 – 10 pm during NELA Second Saturday.


Although depression takes people into black holes, Natalie Fratino used her experiences as a place to help propel her through compromised moments. The paintings in this show express both the hopefulness and frustration through this time period.



Avenue 50 Studio
131 N Avenue 50
Los Angeles, CA 90042

AAC at Avenue 50: BetZ Ross and Friends

BetZ Ross, with Connie Rohman and Alden Marin  August 12 – Sept 2, 2017

BetZ Ross, with Connie Rohman and Alden Marin confront the reality of an illegitimate and corrupt president. This work stands as challenge to all patriotic Americans to have the courage to resist. It is a forceful message that we owe our country and our ideals no less.

Come be inspired.

image: detail  “Thus Always to Tyrants” by BetZ Ross


Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N Ave 50, Los Angeles, CA  90042

AAC at Avenue 50: Leonard Greco

Leonard D Greco Jr

July 8 – August 4, 2017

“At this stage of my life, off center of a century, I am grappling with ways in which to express my “being-ness”. Unable to avoid the “who am I “ question any longer, I find myself ,as a visual artists reaching beyond my usual studio practice of oil painting into diverse disciplines including figures in the round.The figures are essentially dolls, and are fashioned by fully embracing the pre-conceived sissy element of this art. It is in this extension of my practice that I am exploring, at this late stage, my identity as a queer and terrified man; the specter of the pansy boy I was, being given new voice in my latest ongoing project “Fairyland”. It is in this new series of projects , where paint, needle and thread give expression and validation to a long suppressed self loathing.

The very name “Fairyland”, a word once delivered with bloody blows transcends beyond with a message of empathy, compassion. pride, and I hope , humor. Reclaiming the fairy has been empowering. The art I attempt to create is intended to express the spirit of furtive repression breaking free.”

Avenue 50 Studio
131 N Avenue 50
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Image: “Goblin Market”, 2017, oil on canvas, 48 by 60 inches

Alicia in Arroyoland

The classic story of Wonderland is re-imagined with the merging of colorful characters and local icons including Tongva medicine woman Toypurina, Charles Lummis, and Chicken Boy in a rollicking music and dance-driven salute to the diverse people of Highland Park. Cheer on Alicia Lopez as she discovers she was born to fight injustice. Girl Power!

Written by Teatro Arroyo cofounder Ralph Waxman, directed by award-winner Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez, and designed and performed by the vibrant cultural mix of Arroyo People Perform!

This free, bilingual family event will be presented at the Audubon Center at Debs Park, 4700 North Griffin Avenue, Los Angeles, 90042.

Performances Saturdays and Sundays, August 12 & 13th and 19th & 20th. Showtimes 3:30 and 5:30pm. Free admission. Food and drink will be available for purchase, so come early for the pre-show festivities!

Alicia in Arroyoland is made possible in large part by a grant from the Eastside Arts Initiative

For more information:  www.teatroarroyo.com