Good Fences
Beautifying the K-Rails along N. Figueroa St.
Final art due: February 22, 2022

Public Art Opportunity     

Project Description    The Arroyo Arts Collective (AAC) is seeking to commission up to sixteen artists to each design one LADOT K-Rail for our Good Fences Art Program.

Each selected artist will create one or more images incorporating a North East LA (NELA) theme including, but not limited to, its vibrant history of art, architecture, atmosphere and activism. The final work will be sized to measure 234” x 29” and there is a $150 honoraria per artist/K-Rail.

The selected works will be printed and attached to the street side of the restaurant bump-out barriers along N. Figueroa Street It is important to remember with your design that work will only be viewed from moving cars and from across the street, so too many individual images per panel may be hard to see.

All images are subject to approval by LA Department of Transportation (LADOT). Per LADOT: There is a policy around advertising, and as such the design cannot include business names, but neighborhood names or street names are fine (example: it cannot say “shop at Frank’s Cameras but can include a likeness of the Frank’s Camera sign as part of a bigger illustration).

The AAC Good Fences project strives to unite the rich cultural heritage of the community with the creativity of artists to provide a positive solution to what on the sidewalk side is a welcoming environment, yet on the street side currently looks like a construction zone. Artists are also encouraged to include community members/groups into the design/implementation conception.

Proposal Submission Process
The Arroyo Arts Collective invites artists everywhere and of all disciplines to submit proposals for this digital project. FINAL ACCEPTED ARTWORK MUST BE SIZED PROPORTIONALLY TO THE FINAL ARTWORK MEASUREMENT.


Hints to calculate the size of your work:
Start with the width of the area you feel comfortable working on…
1. Take that measurement and divide it by 234
2. Take that number (will be a fraction) and multiply it by 29
3. That number will be height of your piece

Examples of original art sizes (as a 6/1 ratio) per K-Rail:
Single Image    39” x 4.8”
2 Images        19.5” x 4.8”
3 Images        13” x 4.8”
4 Images        9.7” x 4.8”

There is no entry fee, but artists chosen to exhibit MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER OF THE ARROYO ARTS COLLECTIVE. To become a member, go to our website, click on the JOIN link, and use PayPal. Or provide us with your name, address, email, and phone number, and a check for $25 and mail it to The Arroyo Arts Collective PO Box 50835, York Station, Highland Park CA 90050. Membership dues go towards this and future programming.

Submissions accepted any time through April 2nd:
How To Submit: Please include your name reference in the title of or on the front of your submitted image/s. Include a short, one or two sentence, description tying your work to the theme.

Subject Line: Good Fences Submission
Dropbox link:
Or email to

Acceptable Formats:
Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign files—please provide all native file. Also include a .pdf of image(s)
Photographs—please provide original
Works on paper/canvas/board — please provide .jpeg or .pdf of work
If on acceptance no file of the work exists, arrange with the AAC to have your work photographed

Submission Deadline:             February 22, 2022
Notification of acceptance:      Tentatively March 22, 2022
Installation (hopefully):             April 2022

For more information or questions contact us at:



Upper Left: In front of Triple Beam/ Go Get Em Tiger; Kitchen Mouse / Flask; Las Cazuelas / Otono; Civil Coffee


Good Fences is made possible through the generous support of Los Angeles City Council Member Gil Cedillo, First District, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and by the California Arts Council, a state agency.