A Virtual Botanical Garden of the Imagination
Yeu Q Nguyen

¨In the Garden of Memory, in the Palace of Dreams… that is where you and I shall meet.”
– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

After the 1992 Los Angeles civil uprising, community volunteers organized by artist Tricia Ward and ARTSCorp LA transformed a forsaken lot on Avenue 57 in Highland Park into La Tierra de la Culebra, an art park for local youths and residents to relax and mingle. Together they also constructed a 500-foot serpent made from stone, rubble, and piqué tiles, which symbolized the central goals of the art park: community strength and regeneration after difficult times. In more recent years the Arroyo Arts Collective has become a steward of the Art Park and all it stands for.

In honor and celebration of this history, and with respect to social distancing as the new normal, artist Yeu Q Nguyen and the Arroyo Arts Collective are seeking a community of artists to create additional 3D object assets for Imaginar, a virtual meeting space created by Nguyen based on La Tierra de la Culebra Art Park. The iconic mosaic serpent will remain unchanged; however we are looking for 3D landscape features that inspire wonder and mystery. Therefore, we are especially interested in 3D assets that have expressive, abstract, interpretative artistic styles and designing concepts with serious wow factor. Be they trees, faunas, animals, fountains, art installations, park benches, lighting fixtures… let your imagination roam free!

Imaginar will go live on August 15, 2020. EXTENDED – Deadline to submit your 3D assets is August 1, 2020. Each selected artist will receive an honorary stipend of $75 for their contribution. The project is open for everyone. Artists who do not have extensive experience in 3D are encouraged to apply. There are Tutorials to get your started listed below.

Artists are encouraged to visit and explore the park which is located at: 240 South Avenue 57, Los Angeles, CA 90042.

Submissions accepted any time through July 21st:
Email to:
Subject Line: Imaginar Submissions
– Your name + website where we view your portfolio
– High-res JPG images of the 3D assets you’re submitting
– Links to view and download your 3D assets in .OBJ and .glTF format

For Questions or More Information – Check out our YouTube video
or Email:

Video Tutorials:

Imaginar is made possible in part through the generous support of the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.