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Taking It To The Next Degree: Rising action to meet rising heat, drought, and wildfire

Llegando a la acción en un tiempo de aumento de calor, la sequía y el fuego

A two-part exhibition opening at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park and subsequently traveling to the Gateway to Nature Center at El Pueblo in Downtown Los Angeles

Curated by

Avenue 50 Studio and the Los Angeles Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability

About this opportunity
Residents of Los Angeles suffer from public health issues which are linked to environmental degradation, such as high rates of childhood obesity and asthma. These impacts are often disproportionately experienced by low-income communities and people of color, amounting to environmental injustices that are worsening as the region becomes hotter and drier. Rising impacts from climate change are increasing the severity of heat waves, droughts, and wildfires, breaking records years after year.

And yet in the face of increased intensity of heat waves, droughts, and wildfires, a variety of local nature-based strategies are being used to help improve the ecological health of the environment we rely on while improving the wellbeing of Angelenos. These strategies include urban forestry, urban agriculture, and other practices that connect urban residents to nature in the city. Natural features like trees and parks help reduce the urban heat-island effect, prevent flooding and runoff, and remove pollutants from air and water. They also bring communities together.

Avenue 50 Studio and the Los Angeles Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability present this art opportunity to artists interested in exploring these topics. We invite a range of artistic interpretations on the themes of rising heat, drought, and wildfire. We welcome works that document or interpret the climate changes that are happening, and we encourage works that explore solutions and a vision for the future. We wish to uplift local voices and visions for a future built on social and environmental justice.

This group art exhibit will open at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park and travel to the Gateway to Nature Center at El Pueblo in Downtown Los Angeles.

Submission guidelines

  • Submit 1-5 images by June 1, 2022 on the themes of drought, wildfire, and/or heat. ● Label each image with Artist Name, Title, Media, Dimensions, Price. Size limit of 2’ x 3’. ● Submit an artwork description, no longer than one paragraph, describing your art piece(s).
  • Submit a brief artist’s bio.
  • All submitted works must be for sale.


Last day to submit entries: June 1, 2022

Notification of inclusion in the show: July 1, 2022

Exhibition at Avenue 50 Studio and online: August 6 – September 16, 2022 Exhibition at Gateway to Nature Center and online: fall dates to be announced

How to submit

Submit entries via Google Form:

Submissions will be reviewed and selected via a two-step joint committee process involving Avenue 50 Studio and the LA Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability.

We are committed to including a diversity of artists and mediums in this show.

For more information

Contact Kathy Gallegos 323/258-1435 | Avenue 50 Studio, Inc., 131 North Avenue 50, Highland Park, CA 90042

See this informational resource list about how heat, drought, and wildfire are impacting Los Angeles and California communities and what actions are being taken to address these issues.