Presented in conjunction with Fools For Hope, select Arroyo Arts Collective members exhibit installation work at Kinship Yoga

On view May 22nd – June 19th 
Kinship Yoga & Event Studio
5612 North Figueroa Street in Highland Park, 90042
Opening 4 – 6 pm Saturday, May 22

Local artists have created installation work on view in the front window space of Kinship Yoga & Event Studio.

The Artists Formerly Known As Women
Soon Doors Will Open
With this installation of haiku printed on ordinary masks, we are sharing our hopes for the future. The QR code in the window links to our related 45 second video.

The Artists Formerly Known as Women is a collective of artists who have collaborated for over 15 years. Members creating this piece: Deborah Krall, Karen Schwenkmeyer, Suzanne Siegel and Laura Silagi.

Aleka Corwin

“I am an Eco-Artist and I use recycled materials to create artwork which is cheerful, scary, hopeful and amusing. I also challenge my viewers to think of recycling as a new vocabulary of possibilities.”


Stuart Rapeport
Flock like birds on a wire
Inspired by the pigeons at Grand Central Market looking for scraps

Per Stuart, One idea leads to another


Miranda Ratner
“I use a saturated and abstract visual language to reference recurring signs in nature, embodying the interconnected design of all things. My artistic practice is uninhibited, playful, and intuitive. In my paintings and multi-media work I employ a universal language of bright colors and patterns. Using a variety of materials, I explore the intersection of painting, textiles, and installation. I strive to express what I find to be spirited, kaleidoscopic, and celebratory to transport the viewer from a two-dimensional plane into an elevated visual experience that is joyous, hopeful, and life-affirming.”

Kinship Yoga is a locally-owned yoga studio serving clients in the Los Angeles area, which specializes in hot yoga, aerial yoga, prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, acro yoga and much more. The historic facility features a 1,700 square foot yoga room and a 3,000 square foot kid’s parkour room and aerial yoga room.