Remembrance 2023
Blank White Box
OCTOBER 27 – 29, 2023

The Arroyo Arts Collective presents Remembrance 2023, an exploration into a deepened understanding and meaning of All Saints Day, Dia de los Muertos, Ching Ming, Obon, Samhain, the Mourner’s Kaddish and of all rituals, historically and worldwide, associated with how we grieve, how we continue to love, and how we go on in the face of loss.

We remember loved ones or, more broadly, loved places, times or situations and draw upon the heritage of our distinct cultures, and how those cultures honor our ancestors, and respect the various ethnicities that call Highland Park home.

It is our intent to create a space where those who have gone before us are remembered and revered. The rituals of death are different in each culture, but grief is universal, as is the need for a sense of continuity with our ancestors and history. Thus, as we are different, we are the same.

Participating Artists: Veronica An, Katy Bishop, Joanne Chase-Matillo, Mary Cheung, Aleka Corwin, Edith de Guzman, Jolly de Guzman, Ruth Ann De Nicola, James Faulkner, Gwen Freeman, Carrie Gordon, Rebecca Guerrerro, S.P. Harper, Libby Hartigan, Lynn Heinz, Peter Hess, Deborah Jansen, Saon Kashem, Kenji Liu, Gabriele Ortiz, Robin Potash, Christine Prentice, Diane Redman, Guadulesa Rivera, Jacque Lene Rogers-Engel, Melissa Sullivan, Winfred Taylor, Lisa Tomczeszyn, Vanessa Valle, Jill Van Hoogenstyn, Olesya Volk, Betty Wan Hamada, Rand White.

Curators: Jacque Lene Rogers Engel, Betty Wan Hamada and Patricia Woodlin

Location: A Blank White Box, 6189 N Figueroa Street, 90042

Gallery Hours: Friday & Saturday, 5pm – 8pm, Sunday 1pm – 5pm

OPENING: Saturday, October 28th, 5pm – 8pm
SHOW DATES: October 27th – October 29th

For more information or questions contact us at:

This exhibition is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, LA County Department of Arts and Culture as part of Creative Recovery LA, an initiative funded by the American Rescue Plan, the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program as funded by the State of California and administered by CalOSBA, and the Immordino Charitable Foundation.